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Master Lash Class

Master Lash Class

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Our 2 day Classic Hybrid Volume lash class


This course is designed for anyone who is wanting to learn lash extensions, and not just classic, but volume and hybrid as well. In our Master Lash Course, students can expect to learn these three techniques as well as touching on mega volume lash extension application. There is the option to add on the mega volume in-classroom class that is offered one month after this course. This allows students to grasp the fundamentals of lash extensions before going on to learn the advanced mega volume technique.

Students are required to complete the online theory component before coming to the class. Once enrolled, students will get


  • Online Training takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete. (must be done prior to taking the course)
  • In Classroom Training - 18 hours  (2 days)
  • Practicum -  ~ 60 hours (20 model submissions)
  • Students will practice both on artificial lashes on Day 1 as well as a real model on Day 2 at 1pm & 3:30pm
  • This course does have a business essentials component, where we touch on the basics of starting up a business and marketing.


We want our students to be proud to be a certified Estilo Lash certified tech. What does that mean? Practice, Practice, Practice!! There's no other way to be a great lash artist than with tons of practice. That is why we get our students to submit 20 model photos. This allows them to get quality feedback and tips from their educator that they can take and apply to their next models. 

Students must submit their 20 models within 12 weeks after taking the course. This ensures students start practicing their lashing skills immediately. They will be required to demonstrate all of the techniques in order to be certified. A written reflection is required with how long it took them to complete the lash application, what lengths and diameters were used as well as challenges they had and if there was anywhere they think they could have improved upon what would it be. By being able to see their own mistakes it will help them to grow and improve as an artist. This gives the educator some insight into how they are doing, and allows the students to see how to correct their own work. The approximate amount of time it takes to complete the practicum is approximately 60 hours.

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